First impression is one of the strongest factors influencing our perception of others. It is assumed that it lasts between 4 and 6 seconds. In this short period of time you already label person, for example: "I like him/her". "this is something", "this person is credible", "I feel safe with him/her".

Those lavels are mainly based on visual signals. This is why we say "it was love at first sight". It is mainly determined by apperance, for example beauty, the way we are dressed, the way we move. But did you know that there is something else, that strongly influences how we look in other peoples eyes?

Do you want to have an impact on how other people perceive you?

Now you have an opportunity. There is an extremely helpful tool that gives you advantage over the others. Something else than just phisical appearance, personality and anything you can tell about other person within those first few minutes, something that will enhance your image in your partners eyes, something that will get their attention. This tool is PHEROMONES, which, like those secreted by our body to attract the other person, will send positive information about us, and finally stimulate sexual responses from others.

How to make a good first impression?

How pheromones will help you make a good first impression? Pheromones work on subconscious mind of people that are inhaling them. Pheromones stimulate vomeronasal organ-plow (so called VNO) located in nasal septum, which send direct impulses to the hypothalamus of the brain, which is repsposible for unconditional human instinctive reactions. Their action takes place without the participation of the conscious mind.

Research carries out in Association for Chemoreception Sciences in Florida confirmed the effect of pheromones on our physiology, behaviour, and first impression. The researchers checked the effect of androstenone and androstenol (male pheromone produced during puberty) on the behavior of women. The study analyzed fourteen women in the fertile phase of the cycle. Men were sprayed with one of the two substances, a mixture of androstenol and androsterone or placebo with water smelling sandalwood.  As a result, women more often alluded eye contact with men, which were sprayed with pheromones. They laughed more often and stated that those men were more attractive to them. Results of this study confirmed already proven impact of androstenol on womens mood and their perception of men.

Another study was conducted during the so-called. speed dating. They found that men who used pheromones were judged by women as more attractive. Do you also want to have an impact on how others judge you?

Pheromones as a tool for good first impression

Sometimes the first impression can be extremely misleading, and as we know, you can not make first impression for the second time... pheromones can be very helpful in those situations, they are great tool to strenghten your position on a first meeting. It is also good to remember that pheromones are not going to do the whole thing for you. When you spray them on your body, your aura will have an impact on other peoples first impression of you. This is not enough to succeed in relationships. Surely people around you will become more accommodating and open to contact,  but the rest depends entirely on your ability to establish and maintain conversation.

We tend to judge well-dressed and well-groomed people as more attractive. Such people seem to be more trustworthy and they get more sympathy. So if you want to have an impact on whether a person will automatically assign these positive attributes to you, order pheromones and stay ahead ofothers, both in professional and personal life.

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