You enter the club. Confident, unique. Perfectly matched outfit exposes you sex appeal. You feel mens eyes on your body and see other womens jealousy. You know your value. You know whis night belongs to you, because you have something that other women don't. 

Have you ever imagined such scenario? Do you like to be noticed by men? Stand out among the other women? To notice misterious mens looks, and feel how they fancy talking to you?

Do you enjoy being seduced? Or perhaps you prefer to seduce men?... Be able to choose most handsome, the most interesting one in your opinion, and influence his behaviour towards you...

If you want to have influence, to be able to decide on how the situation between you and men develops, ou're one of the many strong women who are able to deal with men. Most likely you are aware of your inner sex appeal and you know how to use it. Is it always men that have to choose the externally prettiest, sexiest and most interesting women?

Women look at the relationships in a bit more mature way. When seducing men in the club, you think in the other terms than they do. For you, thisman is often someone for a long time, the man that makes you happy and will provide you with security. That is why, when seducing, you have to use all you strengths. For men to see womens intiative, they need a strong stimulant, often stronger than a new dress, underwaer, hair or perfect make up. Such stimulant can be, for example, pheromones natuarlly produced by your body.

BTB for Women

What are pheromones?
These odorless chemicals worj on your partners subconscious mind, and result in extremely positive emotions. Their application gives you so tremendous opportunities in contact with the men in the club, on a date, every day, or even at work! The guys around you become more open, direct, ready for things they often would not be able to do without the presence of pheromones.

You yourself become more confident, sociable and feisty! Pheromones emphasize personality of the person who uses them! And it has nothing to do with your attitude and the placebo effect. This is because they stimulate the vomeronasal organ (VNO), located in our nostrils, thereby triggering automatic prosocial behavior.

Pheromones, widely regarded as the compounds used exclusively by men also have their "ladies" counterparts. Their application will significantly improve your charm and emphasize your sex appeal. So if you like to have full control over how men perceive you, to attract them and decide on your mutual relations, use this wonderful tool.

Pheromones may not suddenly make all the guys around will fall to your feet, but they certainly will look at you from another point of view. Why? Because these compounds naturally attract the opposite sex to us. If you also use your openness and sexiness, you can be sure of success!

Why do pheromones work?
Recent scientific studies have shown that pheromones increase the attractiveness of women in men's eyes as much as 22.6% compared to placebo, in the context of sexual excitement increases by 200%! In fact, only a few realize the power of their subconscious influence on other people. This is why many of our clients who once decided to use pheromones in seduction and dating, often come back for more.

If you actually want to have control over how men perceive you, check pheromones! They are effective wherever it comes into direct contact with another person. See for yourself that you will dazzle men with your brilliance. Highlight your sexiness now!