Some say that it was always harder for women to achieve higher positions in proffessional challange with men who dominated business world.

The number of women is still much lower not only in politics, but also business, medicine and many other professions.Wether we want it or not, we are still viewed through the prism of "sex", which for men means "weaker". They often treat us with distance as a partner in the business, and they think we are easier to cinvince in argument.

To prove their strength, the woman often has to go a long way, full of obstacles and men's ignorance. Why not use a woman's natural weapons, which is sexiness? After all, men and so focused largely on our attractiveness ...

Pheromones applied to the body, work on the subconscious mind of a person in your company, whether you're male or female. Your partner, sensing these compounds, unknowingly opens and takes friendly attitude to you. Favorably treats your ideas and deeper considers the arguments you present. In the world if business, such advantage is extremely important asset, because it can ensure your professional success.

Woman applying pheromones will therefore effectively influence not only men, but also other women around her. They will look at her with more respect and attention. Are more likely to carry out her instructions, and finally bestow greater sympathy. And all thanks to the union, which, by the vomeronasal organ goes directly to the brain, thus controlling our attitudes and reactions. Subconsciously, we become more open-minded, friendly, friendlier attitude towards the environment. It is very helpful on the job.

Suitable compounds may in fact induce respect and dominance effect. So if you do not want your colleague to look at you as a sex object, and you want them to, above all, appreciate your skills and achievements, reach for pheromones Relationship Magic.

Successful woman, a woman who knows what she wants and effectively aim for it. 

Pheromones for women entrepreneurs, ideal for use at work and on a daily basis:
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