How to use them?

Ways of using them

Each of us is different. The use of pheromones is a matter of practice and experience that you gain over time. Some people need more pheromones than others to be influenced. It is an individual matter.
Try to use pheromones every day, going to the shops, library, cinema, etc., not only to the club or bar. Just be yourself. There are people who do not succeed in the crowded places (where already there is a huge amount of stimuli for the sense of smell and VNO), but achieving VERY good results using pheromones during daily activities. You'll notice how the world is changing around you! You have not changed, the people around perceive you differently. In addition, your confidence will grow significantly and it has nothing to do with the placebo effect.


The effect is maintained for at least four to six hours after application, before it completely evaporates. Pheromones will usually last as long as your aftershave or perfume. If you spray them on clothes, they will stay on them for a long time, even for several days. However, if you re-apply the next day, total amount of pheromones may exceed the recommended dose (exactly as in the case of perfume), so never apply them on clothes twice between washes.

Nicely scented eau de toilette can significantly improve the reception of a person who also uses pheromones.

If you are not sure how to use specific product, don't worry! The exact instructions of use is enclosed with each product ordered, and if you have any problems you can always chat to one of our friendly staff!