What pheromones are?

What are they?

Pheromones are naturally occurring volatile chemicals emitted by living organisms. Pheromones are chemicals capable of acting outside the body of the secreting individual to impact the behavior of the receiving individual. Individuals of the same species communicate using them to exchange information. In the animal kingdom, the male is able to locate a partner, despite the distance exceeding miles. These chemicals, produced in the period of youth, responsible for linking the pairs during the breeding season. People also produce pheromones. Suitable for our species. 

Do Pheromones work on people?

Until recently it was believed that the production of pheromone in homo sapiens disappeared hundreds of years ago, due to their not too useful properties. However, in 1986, specialists from the USA demonstrated the existence of human pheromones. They are produced in minimal quantities by both, women and men. Thanks to the advancement in technology, it became possible to obtain a synthetic human pheromones. These are exactly the same substance that are produced by humans body. And they are: androstenol, androstenone and androsterone. It has been proven that these three compounds have a huge impact on the selection of a partner in our environment. They are present in sweat, mucus, secretions.

Due to our way of life - frequent bathing, use of deodorant, taking the tablets - pheromones that we produce in practice suppressed. The use of synthetic pheromones, which are located in our products enables a drastic increase in your sexual potential and change your own image.

After use of products containing the real pheromones in high concentration, it becomes apparent how much they change our life.
Pheromones can significantly improve the level of communication in every area of life, from intimate affairs, through work, play, to your family life. All they really do is help you communicate. They can be used in many aspects of life.

Pheromax test made by German Pro7 TV

Pheromax is top quality product made in Germany. Presenters from German TV Pro7 tested Pheromax, to see if it really works, here is what they found:

(video in German with English subtitles)