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Best pheromones for dating!

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There are good things and are those best. We are proud to present a very strong, extremely concentrated pheromones PHEROMAX. This is definitely one of the best pheromones ever made.
NU Life KG provides an incredibly high concentration of pheromones in each bottle - 0.035%.
The absolute BEST! Pheromax is defined as Hi-tech. Mercedes amongst pheromones made to seduce. Many years of research resulted in the creation of a modern formula, which affects the oppsite sex in an incredible way. Pheromax includes not only the two main pheromones acting on the opposite sex (Androstenol, Androstenone), but also a new, recently discovered Androstadienone. The combination of these three powerful pheromones in very high concentrations and the respective proportions, creates an explosive mixture. This product, in contrast to many low-cost measures, is working as it should from the very first use - guaranteed. If you do not notice any effects, we will give you your money back.

Pheromax is a very strong sexual attractant. Although it sounds incredible, immediately after use, you become a very attractive and appealing to the people around you of the opposite sex. On the other hand, other people treat you with due respect and regards.
Pheromax is constantly used by some men and women in clubs or at social gatherings to evoke desire in a partner. People who are aware of the true power of pheromones can benefit from the incredible opportunities offered by the 14ml bottle Pheromax. Use it in the way you like.

NOTE! This product contains extreme concentration of pheromones! Each stylish, silver bottle contains incredibly large amount of pheromones. Contains a total of 5 mg pheromones in 14ml bottle, so has the concentration of 0.035%, which is palpable. The product is very efficient.
One small application is very effective. Using too much may cause adverse effects.

Important information for women. Version for women contains a very large amount of Estratetraenol - the strongest known pheromone stimulating men. Thanks to PHEROMAX Woman you will become even more irresistible.

Effect on opposite sex
Persons who are in your company become talkative, sociable, sometimes prone to flirting. Increase the desire and interest in you. You become more attractive sexually.
Impact on competitors
Your competitors will treat you with more respect. Looking for your approval. You will become the dominant person in the company.
Impact on you 
After applying Pheromax you become energized, increasing your spontaneity, brilliance and self-confidence, and it has nothing to do with your attitude. May feel hot

Packaging: 14ml glass bottle, protected by aluminium container
Efficiency: 112 applications
Concentration: 0,35mg/ml
Content of Pheromax Man: 2.0mg Androstenol, 1.8mg Androstenone, 1.2mg Androstadienone.
Content of Pheromax Woman: 3.0mg Copulins, 1.0mg Androstenol, 1.0mg Estratetraenol

Paula m

Definitely works

As a psychologist I brought this as a social experiment. I didn't actually think it would work. At first it didn't seem to- I was spraying one spray on my chest area. I spoke to the company and they informed me I was using too much- half a spray on my wrist, rub it on my other wrist and then my neck. i experienced increased eye contact in the workplace, more guys than usual flirting with me and one very random conversation with a guy about trees. For a really long time! A friend who knew I was wearing it walked around with a hard on all day after spending 5 mins with me! On saturday I will be checking the effects in a cocktail bar...

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Good does not make men go crazy, but they seem to maintain an eye contact for a bit longer. It also makes them more approachable. It works but don'e expect miracles, you also have to do your bit ;)

  • 1 out of 1 people found this review useful.


It works miracles with women!

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    Best pheromones for dating!

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