P6 Super

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Great Androsterone based pheromone

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Pheromones P6 are based solely on one pheromone - Androsterone.
Research has shown that men whose body naturally produces more androsterone are perceived by others as more masculine. Homosexual persons naturally produce a lower amount of androstenone than heterosexual people.

Androsterone contained in P6 sends signals of power and domination, but without the effect of aggression. It is gentle to read. In contrast to androstenone, Androsterone does not create the aura of pushy, aggressive alpha male, but rather cordial, a good man, unfolding the care of others. Communicate information to women "this is the alpha male who will take care of me." In other men it does not arouse feelings of vulnerability, but more of fascination and admiration.

P6 is a product designed more for a man of success, rather than the seducer. It is addressed to a man who wants to have more control over the group and wants to be seen as firm but empathetic leader. It creates the effect of "father", creates an aura of credibility and care. 

Want to increase attention and respect from others? P6 will allow you to heighten respect, attention and interest of others around you. Become a man of success. Be the support of women and authority to other men. Highlight atmosphere of safety, security, reliability and trust. 

Product is ideal for use every day: to work, for business, to deal with important issues in the offices or at the university. It is also good for seduction - in conjunction with other products.
Appreciated by the sellers, managers, entrepreneurs, and also by anyone who depends on a high social status.

P6 is not a product purely sexual. If you are looking for something for the evening, check PHEROMAX or NPA.
P6 is recommended for the next purchase. If this is your first contact with pheromones, select stronger products such as BTB, PHEROMAX or NPA.

P6 is a very good product for experienced users to create their own compositions and mixtures of pheromone. Androsterone contained in P6 becomes a catalyst - enhances and speeds up the operation of the other pheromones, up to 17%. Therefore, P6 blends in well with other products.

Use P6 with NPA to give it more physical, dominant character. To increase your self-confidence, assertiveness.
Use P6 with BTB to further increase its social power.
Use P6 with PHEROMAX to effectively seduce.

P6 is a product designed for use by men, but its advantages can also be used by women. P6 weaken the aura of femininity, but increase your assertiveness and authority on the part of others.

Once use of 1 to 2 applications.

Packaging: 25ml bottle with atomiser
Efficiency: 340 applications
Scent: unscented

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P6 Super

P6 Super

Great Androsterone based pheromone

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