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Great social pheromone for Men and Women

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This is BTB. The most technically advanced product on European market.

How does BTB work?
BTB is not only sexual, but also social pheromone. It can be called a social magnet. It acts as an aphrodisiac fragrance. It will make men and women willing to listen to you, they will be genuinely interested in your person and what you say. Men will respect you, and you will gain womens interest. People will admire you, they will become open-minded, talkative, close and direct. If you are in relationship, BTB will magnify your eroeic sensation. BTB is a pheromone that will first open people, and then stimulate them sexually. People will become more realxed, and will feel more comfortable with you. They will be friendly and chatty. Sometimes they won't be able to stop talking to you. Due to the fact that the BTB improves contact and opens people, it is also ideal product for business use. 

What will you gain?

  • good contact, greater openness, increased confidence, 
  • interest and infatuation in your person, 
  • stimulating and well-being, increased self-confidence, sociability and assertiveness, 
  • authority and deference, position of a leader, 
  • doubling of excitement in intimate situations (scientifically proven!)

How women react to BTB Men?
BTB for Man is a true male scent. Six pure human pheromones highlight your personality and make you perceived as assertive and dominant male, but also a man, whom to trust and which should be close by.
Women want to be closer to you, engage you and open up to you. Some become very talkative, chatty and extremely friendly. They show a sincere interest in your person.

Suitable compounds will affect their mood, making them become less nervous and feel relaxed around you. 
You canwill see signs of flirting, physical approach, hugging and rubbing. Women are submissive and tolerant, which you will notice in body language and frequent and intense eye contact. Women in your close proximity will become relaxed and surprisingly calm.

How men react to BTB Women? 
BTB for Women is a scent of real women. Highlights the best part of your femininity. Extract your sex appeal and charm. When applying BTB for Women on your skin, you accentuate your attractiveness, you smell of lust and passion. Some men may find it hard to resist your charms. BTB weakens the negative attitudes of men and improve their well-being. Men become more focused on you and solicit your favor. In intimate situations they increase the desire for your partner. You smell like a real woman of success, arousing lust of men around you, and even jealousy of your colleagues.

How does BTB affect you? 
You feel that you need more courage and confidence? Pheromones contained in BTB will also affect you. These compounds directly stimulate the vomeronasal organ in your nose make you become more energized, confident, daring and sociable. And it has NOTHING to do with the placebo effect. If you need an extra dose of adrenaline and communication skills, BTB will be a good choice. BTB also improves your mood. It may also have the effect on your libido.

How does BTB smell? 
Each 10ml bottle contains 4 mg of pure pheromones in ethyl alcohol. BTB will make your smell will become an entirely new dimension. Women will love the smell of your aftershave combined with BTB for Men. Men go crazy over perfume combined with BTB for Women. To give you the possibility of using BTB together with your own cologne, BTB does not contain any fragrances.
Apply a few drops of BTB at the wrists and neck, apply your aftershave or perfume as always, and have fun!

Who is BTB for? 
BTB is universal product that works very well at work, during classes at the university, during business discussions, but mainly during the evening meeting with a partner. Due to its high efficiency, BTB is a good product to start your adventure with pheromones.
If you believe that a product may be too strong for you, buy a Relationship Magic, or Chikara.

Packaging: 10ml glass bottle
Efficiency: 370 drops
Pheromones content: 4mg
Concentration: 0,4 mg/ml
Pheromone content in one drop: 10.8mcg
Daily application: 1÷6 drops
Producent: LaCroy Chemicals, South Africa.



I use it at work everyday, it really helps with other people


    Thank you

    I used it for job interview. Lady that interviewed me was very chatty and giggly, she also complimented my aftershave (although not sure if it was due to me using pheromones). I got the job! I'm sure that pheromones helped, they gave me a lot of self confidence, I will keep testing!


      Really works!

      This stuff really works! I tried it on a night out and was really impressed. I met girl at the bar, we had very nice conversation and then her friend joined...they were both all over me for the rest of the night! I will carry on testing and let you know if I have any more success!

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        Great social pheromone for Men and Women

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