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Great unscented human pheromones for dating and business

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The famous NPA. Product imported directly from South Africa. NPA, or New Pheromone Additive are the most praised pheromones in the United States, not just by the manufacturer, but most importantly - the customers. If you try to define this product in one sentence, it would say that the NPA is one of the best pheromones to seduce ever made, for ridiculous money for such a great product.

Forget the cheap and ineffective measures. NPA unlike many products available at present on European market, really works. It's still undefeated leader of pheromones, often regarded as more of a mixture of many products containing pheromones. If you appreciate quality, check out the NPA. NPA contains the strongest substances known to man that initiate physiological changes in the behavior of people. This product is appreciated by everyone who used real pheromones.
If you are new to pheromones, NPA will be a very good choice to start with.

How does New Pheromone Addictive work? 
NPA is mainly based on the highest quality compounds (purity above 98%), which effectively emphasize your person in the company of other people. When you use the NPA, you immediately become noticed. NPA Man is dominance in the fluid. Women see you as a strong, distinctive man, while the other men feel proper respect. If you practice martial arts, the NPA can raise your opponents fear and submission. Would you like to send "don't mess with this guy" information?
NPA also increases your self-confidence. After use, you become much more sociable. If you want to make a good impression and have a good time, NPA is the product for you.
Due to the concentrated dose of androstenone in the NPA for men, please be careful not to overdose it! This product should be used with caution.

Buy NPA to:

  • seduce,
  • emphasize your person,
  • increase self-confidence,
  • have a good time.

Very high quality, extreme concentration of pheromones in the amount of 0.048% (0.48mg/ml) guarantees the best value for money. Do not be fooled by contents of one pheromone. NPA also contains two powerful pheromones, not disclosed by the manufacturer, which will significantly increase the effect of the main substance.
By buying NPA you are guaranteed that you purchase pheromones that have been successfully tested by tens of thousands of people around the world. NPA is currently the best selling pheromone concentrate.
Do not take chances. Buy verified pheromones.

How to use NPA? 
NPA should be mixed with your own perfume or aftershave. If you are looking for a product to be used directly (in the form of perfume), buy The EDGE (scented version of NPA).
NPA bottle is equipped with a special dropper, allowing the shedding of its content toyour own perfume (up to 30ml perfume). Experienced users of NPA also apply it directly to the skin or clothes. NOTE! In case of direct use, do not use more than 2 drops. NPA is a highly concentrated product.
The product is not scented and do not contain any fragrances, it has natural scent of pheromones and alcohol.
Very efficient. 7ml bottle contains approximately 140 drops of pure active substance and lasts for several weeks of frequent use.

Packaging: 7ml or 15ml glass bottle with dropper
Efficiency: 140 drops for 7ml or 300 drops for 15ml
Pheromones in one drop: 17mcg
NPA Man: Contains Androstenon and two secret substances
NPA Woman: Contains Estratetraenol and two secret substances
Producent: LaCroy Chemicals, South Africa


I love it

I used some other pheromones from different websites and I wasn't very impressed. Since this shop gave me money back guarantee I decided to give it a shot. It was a very good investment, NPA makes women more interested in my person, and somehow this product makes me feel much more confident. I want to test Pheromax and will let you know hot that one works

    Patrick May

    Great for work

    I bought NPA from this website and it came next day, so first I want to say I am really happy with customer service. I used NPA for few days and I can only say it really works! My collogues at work are much more respectful, and my boss is really listening to what I have to say. I will test it next time I go out, I only give it four stars because it gave me a little headache couple of times, but customer service told me I could be using too much of it, I will see how it goes!

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      Great unscented human pheromones for dating and business

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